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Private Shopping Experience

We have all seen the reel about the reactive shop session somewhere in the US - as did we when our lovely followers tagged us and asked to do the same! And of course we immediately jumped on the idea as it is something we would truly love doing! 

So here we are! We set up a booking link to book the appointment and we are ready to accommodate all the reactive or anxious dogs out there who wouldn't be able to visit when other dogs or people might be present! In addition we will also create some extra games and sniffing opportunities in the shop or if weather permits in the garden! 

You can use this time to just let them browse and sniff or even to try and fit some of our harnesses, coats or other apparel.

Please let us know anyrhing we need to know about your dogs triggers, needs and food intolerances if they have any (to prepare the right treatos for you)

We have end of the day and Sunday appointments available - we are working with outside the opening hours of the shop and the grooming salon. Please let us know if you have a question or request.

Looking forward to seeing you soon

Book your appointment below:


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for shop enquiries:

theshop at dogbliss.co.uk

grooming enquiries:

thesalon at dogbliss.co.uk